Random acts of kindness

This post is a shout out to Carol, the nice customer service person who handles my federal loans. Thanks, Carol. Though you may never see this, I remember you fondly. So much of our lives depends on random acts of kindness. I wouldn't say that kindness is something that comes naturally to me all the... Continue Reading →

Writing Bootcamp

I did something unusual this weekend that I'm hoping to continue. I walked down to my local coffee shop and camped out until I had produced a lot of words. About 4,000, to be precise. One of the things that surprises me about my productivity is how inconsistent it can be. This is a direct... Continue Reading →

Surviving a Con

Every conference or convention is individual. This means there are different rules and tactics you, as an attendee, can use for success. You also might have different goals than another person attending the same event. I, for example, am almost always going to a con trying to make connections that will further my writing career.... Continue Reading →

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