Some updates on life

It's been a wild few weeks. Summer is always pretty wild, actually. My mother's birthday in June kicks off a smorgasbord of celebrations which last until my birthday in August. We have entered that time. From this point until August 13th, I have precisely one weekend that isn't already planned out. I'm hoping to take... Continue Reading →

Wasps and kindness

I owe speculative fiction and my non-traditional upbringing for being the person I am. Today, I got to work and found a tiny wasp had perched itself on top of my bun. I am slightly allergic to wasps, so this caused a bit of a heart-stopping moment. But it was unusually cold last  night, and the... Continue Reading →

Updates from the homefront

Life has been pretty crazy lately. I think I did an update not too long ago talking about how my S.O. and I had gotten engaged in April. Then there were several trainwrecks that happened - his grandmother passed away, for one, and I had some drama with my folks over the engagement. Normal life... Continue Reading →

Surprise Book Signing!

Hey, everyone! This is a special surprise post to let you know that I will be having a book signing at the Tanglewood Barnes and Noble in Roanoke, Virginia in conjunction with the national event B-Fest. I'll be doing the signing on Friday, June 10th at 6 pm and then doing the trivia night event... Continue Reading →

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