Reflections on October

I love October. What's not to love? The weather breaks, the long, slow, syrupy summer finally drawing to a close. Sweaters come out. Leaves die, turning the world all shades of orange and red and yellow and bronze. It's pretty cool. October is a month that teaches us about death. We all know that living... Continue Reading →

A Spanish ghost story

In honor of October and Halloween and all things spooky, I bring to you a wonderfully creepy poem from my travels. Some of you may know that I speak Spanish - not fluently, but well enough to get by. I actually did a few months study abroad in Spain when I was younger. Travel and... Continue Reading →

Prioritization, the beast immortal

So I have a problem called spin-too-many-plates syndrome. Meaning I like to constantly be juggling a lot of stuff. "Like" may not be the best word, actually. Perhaps it would be better to say that I pathologically over-stuff my plate. Or that I get bored easily. Or that I am overly ambitious. Or am violently... Continue Reading →

Release day and the value of audiobooks

Today is the day! Celebrate with me the audio release of Mother of Creation, the first book of The Creation Saga, narrated by Michelle Marie. You can download it through Audible. In honor of this release, I want to take a moment to talk a little bit more about why I published an audiobook. Please bear with this. It's... Continue Reading →

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