Cover reveal!

It’s that time!

I’m so excited to finally be launching this serial. It’s a slow burn, a feminine horror in the truest sense. I first knew I wanted to write this story or something like it around the time I wrote this post on the term.

You see, when I was pretty young and cassettes were still a thing, my parents got my little brother and I each a fairytale recording for Christmas or Easter or some other holiday. My brother got “The Tinder Box”, a story about a morally gray soldier who lies and murders his way to being king with the help of a magical matchbox. I got “Bluebeard” the story of a girl who is too curious and so gets murdered by her husband.

To be fair to my parents, I’m not entirely sure they were familiar with either story.

Every since, I have always been fascinated by Bluebeard tales. Now, at last, I get to tell my own. It’s called Veridian, and I hope you enjoy it.

Scroll down for the cover reveal, and an excerpt!

This is the story of a woman and a man, and of bodies stacked like cordwood. Perhaps you’ve heard it before? There is a key, of course, and a house with many rooms. There is a lock.

Some things, at least, may be unfamiliar. The tall, dark-boughed pines, the lake, the boat. The road, paved black, the glittering metal of a Toyota. Did you expect the last? Mundanity brings a certain bite to horror. The normal means it can happen to you. And it can. That has always been the point of these stories. The horrors are only half imagined.

On a bright fall day in Vermont, some miles outside of Burlington near a town named Greensboro on the shores of Caspian Lake, there sits a house, owned by a man named Ethan. It is an innocuous name. The house is named something more grandiose. It is called Evergreen, for its pines. You may have guessed as much. Of course, there are other reasons for the name.

This house has twenty-one rooms, and Ethan managed every aspect of its creation, from the architectural shingles to the high, south-facing windows to the thick, concrete foundation sunk deep into the earth. It is a beautiful house, from the outside, and the first time that Lorelai sees it is a glinting glimpse from the road curling against the far side of the lake. She thinks, in that moment, of how easy such a house would be to sell.

Do you want to read Veridian as it comes out? You can by subscribing to my Patreon!

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