Spooky Reading Recommendations for Halloween!!

I’ve read a lot of horror this year and since it’s that time you might be looking for recommendations! Here’s a list of some creepy stories I have loved for your seasonal pleasure.

A Dowry of Blood by S. T. Gibson

A short novella which absolutely was a fist to the gut, lyrical and lovely, this story looks at the Dracula mythos from a feminist lens. I read this book at the end of September, fully expecting to savor it. Instead I blasted through the short text, which at times was more poetry than prose, unable to get enough. While the plot does not follow Bram Stoker’s Dracula, it is heavily inspired and takes place in the same time period, and the book has been recommended by authors such as Genevieve Gornichec, whose book A Witch’s Heart inspired this glowing post, so you know you’re in good hands.

Tender is the Flesh by Agustina Bazterrica

This dystopian tale is more social science fiction than hard science fiction, and more literary and horror than either. Easily the most truly dark and creepy of the books I’ve read so far this year, it won’t leave you wanting. Read a more in depth review here.

We Sold Our Souls by Grady Hendrix

If you’ve ever been friends with a musician, love metal, or just prefer the commercial, fast-paced horror to the literary stripe, try this book. I’m slowly working through Grady Hendrix’s stuff and really enjoying it, but the fun intertextual nature of this book makes it something special. Read more about it here.

Black Water Sister by Zen Cho

I loved this book desperately. As I stated in my earlier review, Zen Cho perfectly captures the strange half-life between undergrad and figuring our next steps, which is a feat in and of itself. Add in the hauntings, and you’ve got yourself a winner.

The Echo Wife by Sarah Gailey

If you like some harder science fiction with your thrills and chills, here is the read for you. Another slightly slower paced story that nonetheless keeps the tension racheted up throughout, a wife discovers that her husband has cloned her…and that may not be the worst thing he’s done. Full review here.

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