Hello, humans. I’m a fantasy author living in Southwest Virginia. You can see the books I’ve written over on the page titled My Books, and you can see my blogposts about writing, movie reviews, and more over on The Bramble. I write books about women setting things on fire, hacking things up, or otherwise getting violent. There’s plot, too.

Writers have to eat, so if you’d like to support The Bramble I recommend donating to my PayPal or Buying Me a Coffee. If you’d like a more long-term contribution with added perks, I’ve also got a Patreon called Black Roses. Supporting me there gets you access to original snippets of ongoing projects twice a month. If we get enough supporters, we’ll also get Murder Poems.


Have questions or want to be on the mailing list? Shoot me an email here. Missed the mailing list sign-up? Here you go.

And hey, thanks for visiting. I hope you enjoy.

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