New York, Lorca, and Movies

There are whole essays written on Federico Garcia Lorca, whose work has appeared on this blog before and who continues to be an important part of my literary education, mostly because all of my literary education of note has occurred in Spanish and El Ogro, soul of my soul, professor of the highest order, may he... Continue Reading →

Balance: a follow-up

Last week I talked about the importance of finding your balance. I wanted to talk about that a little more today, and also move into some more thorough updates for where I'm at with writer stuff. My dad got me this book for my birthday this month, pictured and linked below. The first chapter talks... Continue Reading →

Some updates on life

It's been a wild few weeks. Summer is always pretty wild, actually. My mother's birthday in June kicks off a smorgasbord of celebrations which last until my birthday in August. We have entered that time. From this point until August 13th, I have precisely one weekend that isn't already planned out. I'm hoping to take... Continue Reading →

Wasps and kindness

I owe speculative fiction and my non-traditional upbringing for being the person I am. Today, I got to work and found a tiny wasp had perched itself on top of my bun. I am slightly allergic to wasps, so this caused a bit of a heart-stopping moment. But it was unusually cold last  night, and the... Continue Reading →

The Writing Iceberg

I follow a group on Facebook called The Writer's Circle. Recently they posted this lovely graphic. It's a good start at what it is to be a writer, but it's not all-encompassing. This week, my primary contributions to my writing career have included: blogging, networking, reviewing a contract, offering critique on a voice file, and... Continue Reading →

Spring into summer: a recap

The end of April has passed me by, leaving us solidly in May, the last month of spring. Life has been amazingly busy. First, I submitted several short stories to different magazines throughout April. I'm very excited to hear back from them, as I know they are some of my best work in that category... Continue Reading →

Rejection, the looming beast

Fear is the mindkiller. Rejection does not hurt. It is only a preference. It does not determine your value. — Jeane Brant (@skylit1) April 7, 2016 Some people, when they are afraid of something, fall back on their religion, or some popular saying from their parents. I fall back on Dune. I watched Dune first. I watched... Continue Reading →

Random acts of kindness

This post is a shout out to Carol, the nice customer service person who handles my federal loans. Thanks, Carol. Though you may never see this, I remember you fondly. So much of our lives depends on random acts of kindness. I wouldn't say that kindness is something that comes naturally to me all the... Continue Reading →

Writing Bootcamp

I did something unusual this weekend that I'm hoping to continue. I walked down to my local coffee shop and camped out until I had produced a lot of words. About 4,000, to be precise. One of the things that surprises me about my productivity is how inconsistent it can be. This is a direct... Continue Reading →

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