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Friends, I am so glad to be home! Metaphorically, I mean. I missed my blog a lot.

Housekeeping! If you missed my blog tour, here are all the stops along the way. Take a moment to get caught up, if you care to. My favorite stop was the last one, which involved a playlist! Plus a really long, in depth interview that answers all of your Creation Saga questions.

And of course, you can now buy the first two volumes of the Creation Saga. I’ll be diving into the third and last volume soon, but I’m taking a break to explore other projects. It’s outlined, so the roadmap is there. But I realized once I finished Daughter of Madness and got it out in the world that I was burnt like crispy toast. I needed a break to regroup. So minus the blog tour and edits to APM, I haven’t been writing much for the months of June and July except when I get inspiration. Got to let the well fill back up, as it were.

Speaking of APM, that goes on submission in the next couple of weeks. Traditionally published processes are a little less transparent for various reasons, so I probably won’t mention it on here again for a while, but it is something taking up some of my brain space.

So yeah, break is a relative word that just means I slowed down for the summer, as we all like to do. What have I been doing instead? Well, I managed some river time recently, I have accrued my fair share of mosquito bites (15 at last count), I actually cooked dinner once, and I’ve been gardening a lot. Also continuing aerial silks and gym classes. So I’m staying busy with hobbies that help me relax and replenish for the first time in….oh, I guess a year. It has been a really rough year for me in a lot of ways which I won’t go into on this blog, and this is the first time I have felt like I could breathe for a long time. There are still things I would like to fix and change, and still projects to be working on, but I’m taking some time to be still.

That also means I get time to read! Just the past few weeks I’ve finished TRAIL OF LIGHTNING, IRON AND MAGIC, A DARKER SHADE OF MAGIC, and some other fun reads. I also slammed through VIOLET EVERGARDEN on Netflix, to my tear ducts’ dismay. I have not sobbed so hard and so consistently for a while. It was like YOUR LIE IN APRIL with guns, and the animation was excellent.

With that, I hope you enjoy a lovely river picture. Until next week!

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We took a break from the blog tour this week for the holiday, but I wanted to take a minute to remind everyone that the final blog stop is coming up and that means our giveaway for two signed books is coming to a close. You have ten days to get on that, and you can enter at any tour stop.

In other giveaway news, my Instafreebie excerpt is part of a Group Giveaway featuring women kicking ass, so you should take a minute to check that out.

Last note: the blog resumes its regular posting schedule on Friday, July 20th. So look forward to some fun articles at that time.

Catch you on the flip side!

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Hey, folks! Here’s my second blog tour stop of this week, where I talk about the difference between the Hero’s Journey and the Heroine’s Journey. A reminder that I’ll be posting original content less frequently on this blog while I’m on tour, so if you want to catch my thoughts, please visit my hosts and leave a comment!

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Blogtour Stops!

Hey everyone! Checking in to let you know the blog tour for Daughter of Madness starts tomorrow! Here is the link to the schedule, and also check out that banner made by Goddess Fish Promotions, which is pretty sweet in my humble opinion.

The itinerary. I’ll be crossposting links to these as they go live.

May 21: Mythical Books
May 21: Lisa Haselton’s Reviews and Interviews
May 28: Christine Young
May 28: Fabulous and Brunette
June 4: Candrel’s Crafts, Cooks, and Characters
June 11: Long and Short Reviews
June 18: Kit ‘N Kabookle
June 25: Sharing Links and Wisdom
June 25: Laurie’s Paranormal Thoughts and Reviews
July 9: Writers and Authors
July 9: T’s Stuff
July 16: BooksChatter

Very excited!

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Free excerpt and general updates!

We’ve got some cool things coming down the pike, my brain is melted, and also I’ve read a bunch somehow? It’s been a wild week of writing, or two weeks now I guess since we’re in May.

Some housekeeping, first. I’ll be doing a blog tour coming up (dates and places will be announced as soon as I know) and so, as mentioned, this blog will be less active during that time. The blog tour is 8 weeks, so I’m not going away entirely, but my posts may be something like “hey, checking in, also I’ll be over here soon!” You have been warned, apologies in advance, etc.

Like I said, I’ll do another post soon with more details.

In other news, I’ve finished eARCs of Daughter of Madness. They are out in the world! I’ve also got a freebie excerpt of the first five chapters of the book! You can get it here. The ebook, when it comes out, will be an Amazon exclusive for the first few months, but there will be print books as well for those who are not Kindle readers.

While we’re gearing up, Mother of Creation is finally only $1.99. So get that if you haven’t, prices will go back up in June. The series link is here.

I still have no idea what I’m doing release day except drinking as many beers as I want.

Though I’ve been basically eating, sleeping, breathing, etc, this book, I have gotten a few minutes to read here and there! And watch some fun shows. Some recent favorite shows include The Good Place, a delightful comedy about dying, and Kakuriyo: Bed and Breakfast for Spirits, a cute slice of life romance with a demon ogre! Hands down favorite read recently has been Space Opera by Catherynne Valente, who is a phenomenal writer. I hope I can be as good as her some day. Read this book to laugh maniacally and sob uncontrollably by turns. Seriously, your partner and other cohabitants will make a concerned face.

That’s all I’ve got this week! I have some fun posts in the brainpan churning around, but the brainpan is tapped dry this week so this will have to do.

Updates to come!

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Futurescapes Catch-up

Friends, my brain is still oozing from the majesty and magic that was Futurescapes 2018. Accordingly, I’m taking a minute to check in here before running off to do all of the things that I need to do to get caught back up. Thanks for your patience while I was out of town.

First of all, the Sundance Resort was lovely. I’ve got tons of pictures. I’ve also got an official Instagram now, where you can see some of those pictures and keep up with my writing if that’s your poison. I’ve put a couple of favorites at the end of this post.

I met so many cool people who were all really supportive. I also got a huge amount of feedback on the novella. I’m hoping to get that groomed up by July in time for some important submissions windows to open. Obviously getting Daughter of Madness out takes priority, there, but the worst of that should be over by the end of June so the timeline works out perfectly.

I also took a lot of notes for some of the lectures and panels I got to attend, which were all incredibly useful, and some of those I tweeted. All of it is tagged with the #futurescapes18 hashtag, so you should be able to find them.

And here, at last, your promised photos! I probably won’t make another post this week, since I’m behind on edits and have some other deadlines to meet, but I will be back next week!

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