Promoting oneself in times of upheaval

Hello friends. Unless you've had your head in the sand somehow for at least the last three months, you might know that we live in interesting times. And I do mean the "old Chinese curse" interesting, scare quotes because I honestly don't know if that really was an old Chinese curse or just a bit... Continue Reading →

You can do everything right

Last week Publisher's Weekly published an article about the increasing inequity in advances for traditionally published authors. This comes in the wake of several years of writing income studies that are showing median writer income to be decreasing steadily. From the 2018 report by the Author's Guild: Median incomes of all published authors who were... Continue Reading →

Short Fiction and market conversations

As you all know, or maybe you don't, I've been writing a decent amount (for me) of short fiction lately. I think this is mostly me trying to explore a medium that doesn't require a months-long commitment to a single world but still allows me to explore imagery and concepts that catch my fancy. I've... Continue Reading →

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