Salt and Lemons: The Amalfi Coast

When people talk about going to Italy, they travel for the art, the history, the landscapes and the pasta. And yet, what I most want to talk about is the lemons. After leaving Pompeii, we headed to Minori, a small town on the Amalfi Coast. The Amalfi Coast is the kind of place you film... Continue Reading →

Wandering the Ruins: Pompeii Scavi

There is perhaps no more famous archeological site than Pompeii Scavi, the excavation area for the buried city of ancient Pompeii. There is a modern Pompeii right next door, so be sure not to confuse them. One is an ancient city founded by the Etruscans, conquered by Rome, that ended in three days of fire... Continue Reading →

Getting There: Travel kerfluffles

Let's start where things began. I've flown since Covid started, but I haven't flown internationally. It's not an easy lift at the best of times. Add to the ongoing pandemic a record-breaking hot summer with tons of storm cells dancing their way across the northeast, and you have a recipe for a real bad time.... Continue Reading →

Part 4: Glacier

Last time, I talked about visiting Yellowstone National Park. That could have been the capstone to our trip. It wasn't. Our last planned stop on our roadtrip to Seattle was Glacier National Park. Glacier was the S.O.'s big goal for this trip, but it's a very hard park to visit. It's not designed for the... Continue Reading →

Part 3: Yellowstone

Hello! If you're just catching up, last time we were in the Badlands National Park and I was having existential thoughts about deceased forests. From the Badlands we continued west to Shoshone National Forest, crossing the Little Bighorn Mountains. We stopped in Cody, Wyoming for a truly bad coffee milkshake first. (It had potential, but... Continue Reading →

Part 2: The Badlands

Hey, folks! Good to see you. It's time for Part 2 of my Roadtrip West series wherein I recount some of my adventures in the month of July. To catch up, check out Part 1: The Road. From Sioux Falls, SD, we drove an easy four and a half hours to the Badlands National Park.... Continue Reading →

Part 1: The Road

Hey folks! To make up for not posting for two weeks and to share the joy that has been the past month, this week the blog is going to become a travel blog. You're going to get a post from each leg of our trip, starting today, and ending with Friday. Feel free to skip... Continue Reading →

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