Marquee in Verse Events!

Hey, friends! Here are the events and joys planned for the Marquee in Verse project in April! The Marquee in Verse poetry installation kicks off next week. There are four poems going up on the Grandin Theatre marquee in Roanoke. Here's when you can see them! Poem 1: Monday, April 3rd through Wednesday, April 5th... Continue Reading →

Announcing: Marquee in Verse

It's fall, soon to be winter, and here in Southwest Virginia everything is dying back. Yet I've planted some new seeds in anticipation of spring and National Poetry Month, thanks to the generous funding of the City of Roanoke and the National Endowment of the Arts. In April of 2023, I will be coordinating a... Continue Reading →

A brief pause in our scheduled programming to remind folks that I will be reading at Story Hour on April 6th at 10 pm Eastern (next Wednesday). This is a live virtual event, but I'll post the recording here afterwards! **EDIT** Some of you may have noticed that this reading didn't happen. That's because I... Continue Reading →

Short post this week to let you know that it is the one year anniversary of A Sinister Quartet! Accordingly, we're holding a virtual party for our bouncing baby bundle of cobwebs and corpses. Register here!

Odds and ends

Hello, humans! I debated about doing a MystiCon recap here because I have been...very much feeling like taking a nap. Like really, a nap would be great. I took a brief break after the convention, but it wasn't long enough. So instead I decided to just do a general State of the Author post with... Continue Reading →

Welcome to POP FIZZ!

Exciting news this week - and in time for MystiCon even! My friend Jane Ostec and I are launching a podcast to talk about all our favorite nerdy things. It's called POP FIZZ, and it is available on Spotify and iTunes but you can listen to the first episode here. Don't forget to leave us... Continue Reading →


Early post because this weekend is MystiCon! I'll do a recap post next week, but in the interim please stop in and say hi if you'll be there. I'd love to meet you! You can use MystiCon's handy scheduler to find out more about where I'll be. I'll mostly be around during Saturday's sessions, but... Continue Reading →

Eek! I missed a week!

Sorry for my silence last week, friends. It was my birthday, and I was off gallivanting. I ate a bunch of good food, planted peach trees and moved iris bulbs, killed a bunch of invasive elms (hopefully) and poison ivy, destroyed some boxwoods because boxwoods don't DO anything, and climbed a mountain. Overall it was... Continue Reading →

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