Odds and ends

Hello, humans! I debated about doing a MystiCon recap here because I have been…very much feeling like taking a nap. Like really, a nap would be great. I took a brief break after the convention, but it wasn’t long enough. So instead I decided to just do a general State of the Author post with MystiCon highlights!

So, first of all, wow that weekend was a lot. For those keeping tracks, I did three panels and a signing, launched a podcast, and had a secret business lunch (I promise it won’t stay secret forever). Plus I then went home and typed up edits after my post-panel nap because I am absolutely so close to finishing the edits on one of my longer-term projects.

My three panels went well, though they were all on Sunday so attendance was light. I actually think each of these panel topics could be their own post, so I may circle back to that. I’m pretty sure I could write a whole treatise on food in fantasy settings, at least. In that panel we discussed colonialism and class and culture and historical approaches to food and technology and it was super fun. Most of the panelists were game designers or historical fantasy writers and I was honestly only functioning on about half my brain cells at 10 am on a Sunday but I made do.

I also did a podcasting panel. That was super informative for me to be a part of and I got a boost of confidence that Jane and I were doing things (mostly) right in launching that project. Figuring that out has been a fun but steep learning curve. So we’ll see where that goes, but I hope I can at least do a post on here about that process. I’ll likely link individual podcast episodes on my Twitter feed, but you can always find more information about POP FIZZ on its dedicated page, newly added to the site menu.

In other, not entirely unrelated news, you may notice that I’ve taken a lot of information down off the site regarding Viridian, the project I had started pushing on here. That’s because I unexpectedly received an offer to include that story in a small press publishing project back in December. Viridian will still be making its way into the world, along with some absolutely lovely novellas, and I’ll have more to say on that within (I think) the next two weeks.

So that’s about where things stand with me and my creative projects. Tune in next week to learn about taking time to rest, one of my most-aspired-to states of being.

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