Reading Round-up: August/September 2022

Since it’s almost spooky season, we’re going to go ahead and do our round-up for August and the first part of September. Our next post will be all Halloween themed, so if you’re looking for spooky reads I promise you, I’m reading them. This post, however, is predominantly urban fantasy and science fiction.

A Prayer for the Crown Shy by Becky Chambers

I got a little put off of reading end of July/early August, because I was pretty busy with family birthdays and have been quite busy with work, both writing and otherwise. But I got back into reading with this little novella, sequel to A Psalm for the Wild-built, which I absolutely loved. As with that story, the ending wasn’t what I expected, but it was exactly what I needed. This is a gentle story, as most of Chambers’ work is, one good for ailing hearts. (Science Fiction)

Ruby Fever by Ilona Andrews

It’s no secret that I love everything Ilona Andrews (or House Andrews, as they’ve taken to referring to themselves as) does. Gordon and Ilona come up with some delightfully fun, fast-paced, and smart story ideas. This book wraps up the officially planned books in their Hidden Legacy Series, which has been a delight. I love Catalina’s character so much, and it’s great to see her finally get her happy ending — though not before some rip-roaring action. (Urban Fantasy, Romance)

Witness for the Dead by Katherine Addison

This is a spinoff book from The Goblin Emperor, following the Witness for the Dead who solves the murder of the Goblin Emperor, Maia’s, father. In his new posting, Celehar must solve a series of murders, put ghouls to rest, and otherwise risk his life, all while dealing with his own unhealed trauma. I enjoyed this story a lot, though not as much as The Goblin Emperor itself. (Fantasy)

Brothers in Arms by Lois McMaster Bujold

We’re back in the Vorkosigan Saga, which I am slowly but surely devouring. This time, we follow Miles in his adventures back to Earth, where his mercenary company is stranded waiting for paychecks following a deadly battle. There is bureaucracy. There is red tape. There is…a terrorist plot, and maybe a clone, and various attempts at assassination. It’s a lot of fun. (Science Fiction)

Soul Taken by Patricia Briggs

I’ve been reading the Mercy Thompson series from the beginning. In the most recent installment, Mercy encounters a dangerous haunted sickle, set on possessing her body and her soul. But who brought the sickle to the Tri-Cities and what do they hope to accomplish? The body count is high in this one, and it officially starts our transition into fall reads. It was great to revisit some old friends. (Urban Fantasy)

Be the Serpent by Seanan McGuire

In another long-running series, the new October Daye novel released this month. Fair warning that this one both starts and ends on a pretty dark note, which wasn’t exactly a surprise to me but was disappointing. I was not fully in the mood for it at the time, sadly, and wish I’d been a little bit better prepared. It’s clear that McGuire is setting up the final conflict in this tale, and I’ll be excited to see where she takes it (and better prepared for the high body count). (Urban Fantasy)

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