Reading Round-up: April/May 2023

And we're back for another round-up! I'm so glad to be reading again, folks. Life is a little chaotic, mostly good -- I'm sure that surprises no one, except for maybe the "good" part, since chaos seems to be the name of the game. I will have some big announcements at some point this year!... Continue Reading →

Notes from the trenches

Hello, folks! Your friendly author here! This blog has been a little quiet because I've been running around doing author events and dayjob stuff and generally not reading much or having many fun adventures to talk to you about. I am absolutely itchy to be wrapped up with my current grant, even though it has... Continue Reading →

Reading Round-up: February/March 2023

Whenever I am up against a deadline my reading suffers, and the past couple of months have been no exception. Preparing for the Marquee in Verse project, in which I classically overcommitted (Two public events? A week apart? What was I thinking?), is taking all of my time and emotional energy. That said, I did... Continue Reading →

Marquee in Verse Events!

Hey, friends! Here are the events and joys planned for the Marquee in Verse project in April! The Marquee in Verse poetry installation kicks off next week. There are four poems going up on the Grandin Theatre marquee in Roanoke. Here's when you can see them! Poem 1: Monday, April 3rd through Wednesday, April 5th... Continue Reading →

A reading slump and some ARCs

Today's post is a list of the ARCs I have in my TBR because I'm in a reading slump and I'm therefore having trouble getting through my tiny stack. Some of these books are out already -- some I've read earlier iterations of, even! I'm pretty sure I'm going to review all of these eventually,... Continue Reading →

Happy New Year!

It's a new year, and we've got some fun things to look forward to this year! So, in keeping with tradition, here are my goals, plans, and hopes for 2023! So let's start with the definite stuff. I've got a grant with the City of Roanoke's Year of the Artist program to execute! You can... Continue Reading →

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