Knives Out: Time to talk about politics

In the wake of this blogpost, you probably already know I'm a Rian Johnson fan. But in case you missed it: I love Rian Johnson. He's a super smart writer. And his recent film, Knives Out, showed just how deftly he could handle a theme and still keep you on the edge of your seat.... Continue Reading →

The gray area of consent

One of the things that can be really powerful about narrative is the way that it explores issues that we are currently wrestling with, either as a collective or personally. I've talked about this idea before, and so have many others. So today I'm going to continue some thoughts I've expressed in other posts with... Continue Reading →

Queer representation through romance

Before Thanksgiving I mentioned the "queering beards" panel, which is not what it's called but how I keep referring to it in my head. It's got to be the internal rhymes. Anyway, above is the link to the post last week. Suffice to say for new readers, I went to World Fantasy Convention and got to... Continue Reading →

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