The Creation Saga

The Creation Saga

A dark epic fantasy series for fans of George R.R. Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire.

Mother of Creation

Mother of CreationLiana is the first female marked as Herkun’s royal heir in a kingdom bound by unyielding tradition. When her uncle leads a coup with the intent to kill her, Liana and her twin brother are spirited away to a place where not even the stars are the same. Lost and alone, with only her father’s pact with a foreign goddess to guide her, Liana must decide whom she can trust. Time is running short, and the will of the gods is all.

Mother of Creation is an epic fantasy that tells the story of the coming of age of a royal heir, a brother’s quest to save his sister, the machinations of the son of a god, a blind oracle’s dreams, and the struggles of an ordinary soldier.

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Daughter of Madness


Liana has lost much to Herka’s manipulations, though nothing so precious as her sanity. Emerging from her madness, she finds the world changed – her body wasted, her son gone, and her kingdom still beyond her reach. Only the fires of vengeance remain, and she will build the flames high. 

Daughter of Madness tells the story of a princess and her twin, a soldier and his king, and an oracle who is more than she seems.

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Creation Saga 3

Release date and other details to be determined.

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