Surviving a Con

Every conference or convention is individual. This means there are different rules and tactics you, as an attendee, can use for success. You also might have different goals than another person attending the same event. I, for example, am almost always going to a con trying to make connections that will further my writing career.... Continue Reading →


There's this thing that happens sometimes when you push yourself too hard or aren't being honest with yourself. It's called burnout. It may also be called writer's block. Take your pick. I prefer the first term, because to my mind this is an overall issue. Writing and writing well is dependent on the balance of... Continue Reading →

Vacation in the Mountains

I spent the past week on vacation in the mountains of North Carolina, soaking in a hot tub, playing in the snow, and generally revitalizing. It was so nice to be away from my day job and able to focus one hundred percent of my effort on enjoying life. Of course, I got some great... Continue Reading →

A New Year

Happy New Year! (Belated, I know.) I'm spending the day getting settled back into work, where things move apace. This weekend, I got edits back from my lovely beta-readers, shot off some fireworks, ate lots of good food, and went on a hike. It was a good way to unwind from the tension of holiday... Continue Reading →

Favorite Books of 2015

Now that we are into December, I wanted to blog about some of my favorite books of 2015. What we read really does affect our ability to write and write well - though sometimes reading can be a distraction from writing. It often is for me. That said, I feel most inspired to write after... Continue Reading →

Writing a sequel

Some of you may know that I began writing the sequel to¬†Mother of Creation in August. If you follow my Twitter, you know that I am a little over¬†20,000 words in and that, between my full-time job, the things in life that keep me sane like friends and family and reading, and all the other... Continue Reading →

For the love of the craft

There has been a lot of upheaval in the writing world recently, especially in science fiction and fantasy. Me, I'm a fan. Let me get that out there now. I am a fan of change, of expanding and pressing boundaries, of engaging critically with our roots, our history, our ways of seeing the world. I... Continue Reading →

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