Vacation in the Mountains

I spent the past week on vacation in the mountains of North Carolina, soaking in a hot tub, playing in the snow, and generally revitalizing. It was so nice to be away from my day job and able to focus one hundred percent of my effort on enjoying life. Of course, I got some great writing done.

There was a project I stopped working on a few years back that has always been really dear to my heart. I call it the Mermaid Book (that is not the title but it’s as good a name as any) and spending so many days floating weightless in the scalding water under the blowing snow definitely brought it to mind. I can’t say that I have as great a connection to water as I’m sure many other people do, but I’ve always found the ocean fascinating and writing a story set at least partially in its depths is something that I still want to do. So while I did write a lot this week, not all of my word count went towards the WIP. I spent a lot of time sketching out a new novel idea, one that uses a lot of the elements of the Mermaid Book and re-imagines it into something that I like better. Who knows, it may be my next project!

I also wrote a few scenes for the third book in the Creation Saga, which also doesn’t count towards the DoM text’s word count. Basically I was struck by a lot of inspiration over my days of leisure! It was fun to meander between projects in my downtime and brainstorm new ideas.

Of course, back to the daily grind today, despite the foot of snow we received Friday. Here are some pictures to keep you entertained!

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