Reading Round-up: June/July 2022

Witness me trying to catch up on my Reading Round-ups with this really long Round-up of all things June and July. I've organized it by genre so that you can just skip to your favorites there. If you can't find something you enjoy on this list, I cannot help you. I read far too many... Continue Reading →

Wandering the Ruins: Pompeii Scavi

There is perhaps no more famous archeological site than Pompeii Scavi, the excavation area for the buried city of ancient Pompeii. There is a modern Pompeii right next door, so be sure not to confuse them. One is an ancient city founded by the Etruscans, conquered by Rome, that ended in three days of fire... Continue Reading →

Getting There: Travel kerfluffles

Let's start where things began. I've flown since Covid started, but I haven't flown internationally. It's not an easy lift at the best of times. Add to the ongoing pandemic a record-breaking hot summer with tons of storm cells dancing their way across the northeast, and you have a recipe for a real bad time.... Continue Reading →

The Impromptu Italy Adventure

Earlier this year, a friend from college reached out to me to say she was getting married. I was excited! Where was the wedding? Italy, she said. As some of you may remember, I took three months away last year, an exorbitant amount of time that required more than a bit of finagling, to explore... Continue Reading →

Reading Round-up: May 2022

May has been very busy, but I got some good reading in. There were so many titles I didn't get to this month that I'm very excited about, so look forward to the June post (assuming I can read a little faster!) The Lotus Palace by Jeannie Lin I loved this book. The Lotus Palace... Continue Reading →

Last Exit and Choosing Hope

Sometime in the past couple of years someone said, in an Instagram Story or a Tiktok or some other ephemeral medium, something that stuck with me: "You can't see the end of the path until you walk it." The person in question was talking about the environmental movement, about how it seems impossible to adapt... Continue Reading →

Reading Round-up: April 2022

A Marvelous Light by Freya Marske I did enjoy this book, but I don't think it is quite what I was expecting. It opened with a pretty gruesome murder. It was in fact dotted with murders, and abuse, and a lot of really grim things. But that was layered over with a romance that was,... Continue Reading →

The use of color in Encanto

There is nothing quite like comfort when you're sick, so it's no surprise that I finally got around to my planned rewatch of Disney's Encanto this month. And can I just say -- the movie holds up on the rewatch. It remains entertaining. And more importantly, there are all sorts of little hints and clues... Continue Reading →

A brief pause in our scheduled programming to remind folks that I will be reading at Story Hour on April 6th at 10 pm Eastern (next Wednesday). This is a live virtual event, but I'll post the recording here afterwards! **EDIT** Some of you may have noticed that this reading didn't happen. That's because I... Continue Reading →

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