The Face Doesn’t Match the Butt, aka Why Revisions

First, a moment of celebration, for a few weeks ago I finished the first very rough draft of the WIP! The working title for this project was "White Wedding" and it has been a trainwreck from start to finish. But most of it is on paper now and I'm going to ignore it for a... Continue Reading →

Why you should take a break

Towards the end of January I turned in the last round of deep edits on a project that I had been working on semi-unexpectedly for about two months, referenced in my last post. I promptly felt like falling down and sleeping for ten days, despite the fact that I had just come back from vacation... Continue Reading →

Good news!

Hey guys, guess what? We reached our $20 goal on Patreon. Which means we get poetry!!! I'm so excited about this, so I wanted to share the graphics I've made for the poems Patrons will get this month. If you want to read the full poem and get future information, you'll have to subscribe. Images... Continue Reading →

Release Day!!

Guys, it's here! I have worked so hard on this book for so long, and I don't know what I'm supposed to do with myself. Really, I have no clue how to adult without this book being in the wings.¬†Daughter of Madness is definitely some of my best work to date and I look forward... Continue Reading →

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