Writing a sequel

Some of you may know that I began writing the sequel to¬†Mother of Creation in August. If you follow my Twitter, you know that I am a little over¬†20,000 words in and that, between my full-time job, the things in life that keep me sane like friends and family and reading, and all the other... Continue Reading →

For the love of the craft

There has been a lot of upheaval in the writing world recently, especially in science fiction and fantasy. Me, I'm a fan. Let me get that out there now. I am a fan of change, of expanding and pressing boundaries, of engaging critically with our roots, our history, our ways of seeing the world. I... Continue Reading →


Hello everyone! This is the first post of the blog I will be keeping on my official author website! I cannot promise that posts will be the most regular (I also post on Tumblr, Twitter, and Facebook, so for more regular information please check those out). However, I hope to document major events in the... Continue Reading →

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