75k and a cover reveal!!

Here we are. We have finally made it to the 3/4 mark. It has been a long slow slog, a journey interrupted often by many upheavals in my life - the death of a grandfather, a proposal of marriage, TWO job changes, and kittens. Hopefully we can avoid any big events between now and the... Continue Reading →

Balance: a follow-up

Last week I talked about the importance of finding your balance. I wanted to talk about that a little more today, and also move into some more thorough updates for where I'm at with writer stuff. My dad got me this book for my birthday this month, pictured and linked below. The first chapter talks... Continue Reading →

The Hugos: An unscheduled post

Hey, folks! I wanted to post links to the coverage of the Hugos from last night! So excited for everyone who won. To read the full coverage from the Guardian on this year's winners and a little bit about the Hugo award controversy, click here. Also, N.K. Jemisin wrote a lovely acceptance speech which I teared... Continue Reading →


Something that I remind myself of periodically is that even successful writers often only get about one book out a year. I know this because so many of the authors I love keep to about that timeline. Kameron Hurley, for example, works full-time like me and still manages to have cranked out six books since 2010, along... Continue Reading →

Werewolves and women

In Kelley Armstrong's Bitten, which I just reread this week, the main character Elena Michaels tells a story. It's the story of an old European legend about a werewolf that is ravaging a town. In response, the local lord goes out to hunt the werewolf. He lops off its paw as they fight. The werewolf flees.... Continue Reading →

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