The unplanned end of POP FIZZ, some blogpost fodder

Hey folks. This is 2020, and we’re all on the struggle bus. Accordingly, I’ve been trying to cut back on my commitments, and one of the things I decided had to go, even though I’ve greatly enjoyed it, is POP FIZZ. The episodes are still out there in the world, so you can still listen to them, but the page will come down on this site and instead I’ll be doing a series of blogposts about each of the episodes and some key themes therein, based off of my own readings and interpretations. It’s not a duplication of POP FIZZ by any means, just a chance for me to explore those topics in a more structured, written form.

I learned a lot during this podcast experiment. First, I learned basic sound editing and found some great programs, including Zencastr (which I will recommend wholeheartedly). Going into this project as sort of a fun thing I was doing with a friend taught me a lot too — it taught me collaboration skills, for one. Collaboration is something that definitely was a lesson for me in early 2020 and something I’d love to do more of in the future, but there’s a balancing act for any project, a sweet spot of commitment. You have to have time for something like this, and energy, and build a timeline that has flexibility if you want to actually meet your deadlines. Every time I got ahead with POP FIZZ I ended up behind again, either because of writing deadlines or life issues, until I began to dread doing the editing work and posting, even though I loved recording and having those conversations.

So I’m not at all averse to doing podcasts in the future, especially something a bit more structured with a bigger creative team. But for now, I’m going to take what I’ve learned and repurpose it the best way I can — feed it back into the creative machine and see what comes out.

So pour one out for POP FIZZ, the best little six month podcast experiment that ever was, and look forward to some posts on some of the titles we explored therein.

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