Zombies and being human

Happy Halloween (almost)! This post is about zombies, and it's uncomfortable, but I hope that you will read it and enjoy on this weekend where the veil between life and death is thin. It seems particularly apt to reflect on zombies on this weekend of all weekends. Enjoy! I was sitting in the memorial garden... Continue Reading →

Life updates and gratitude

You may remember that we bought a house recently, which was pretty awesome and all, and now I have a house and I must mow the lawn. Mowing the lawn is actually pretty nice because it's an achievable goal that you finish, for better or worse, within about an hour usually. It's also a great... Continue Reading →

Blade Runner 2049

I went and saw Blade Runner last weekend and it was really, really good. Very loud, very bleak, but good. I definitely recommend watching the bridging shortfilms, though, for greater appreciation of some of the plot points. This movie gave me a lot of thoughts. I debated on what to focus on in my analysis... Continue Reading →

Verily, cats are weird

My life has been on hold this week following a drastic and explosive vomiting episode on the part of my cat, Fidel, which led to him not eating or drinking for almost two days. I am using this as an excuse to postpone blogging about writerly stuff, since I honestly haven't had a moment to... Continue Reading →

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