Hey folks! It’s MystiCon this week, which I am attending Saturday and Sunday as a guest, so our post is a little early this week. Here is a list of my appearances, in case you’re in town to check things out.


  • 9 am: The Politics and Economics of Cover Art
  • 1 pm: Beyond Western Europe: Other World Cultures for Fantasy
  • 3 pm: Women on the Dark Side


  • 10 am: The Last Racebenders/Genderbenders (M)
  • 12 pm: Epic Scale Fantasy (M)

I either volunteered or was volun-told that I am moderating two panels Sunday, as the (M) indicates. I’m really excited to do these two on race- and gender-bending and on epic scale fantasy with some wonderful authors, including R.S. Belcher and Liz Long. A lot of work goes into moderating, so I’ve been hustling to get that figured out! But I think the discussion will be great for all of these panels, and I’m excited to see some new and interesting topics this year.

I hope to see you all there!

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