Brief Hiatus

Hey folks! I want to take a minute to announce a brief hiatus from regular programming for the next couple of weeks until the launch of A Sinister Quartet. As might be imagined, there’s a lot of blog and social media appearances to put together between now and then, and between that and the pandemic I’m feeling slightly put upon.

All of our appearances will make it to this page in some fashion, so you may still see updates here, but I’ll be using this time to catch up on drafting new content, outstanding submissions projects, and drafting my next work. Which I’ve been doing anyway, but it will be nice to hopefully get a little ahead of my own personal deadlines since I’m kind of underwater at the moment.

A brief list of some of the places you might find me in the interim (though there a few more that may pop up):

  • The Next Best Book Blog (TBD)
  • Scalzi’s Big Idea on June 9th
  • Our Reddit AMA on June 10th

See you again officially after June 9th!

Check out A Sinister Quartet from Mythic Delirium. Four tales of wonder and horror that will arrive in your inbox for just $1.99 if your preorder now!

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