Reading Round-up, quarantine edition

Helloooo, fellow humans.

April is over and things are bumping along here in good ol’ Virginia. We’re still under lockdown and cases are peaking across the state. Which is…fun.

But hey! I’ve read a lot of books. So here’s my reading roundup for the past few (semi-eternal) weeks.

The City We Became

This is definitely the first book in a trilogy. I very much loved the beginning of this book, but I was a little depressed by the ending, honestly. It’s no one person’s job to solve the issues of our nation and the way we have polarized ourselves, but I had hoped for a bit more resolution since that was the theme being explored. I suspect I may get what I am hoping for in the next books. That said, a fascinating look at gentrification, globalization, and the way money makes us compromise ourselves, among many other themes.

Bone Swans

A book of five stories by C.S.E. Cooney, my coauthor in A Sinister Quartet! They are all so good and they have taught me a lot about story structure sort of by accident, I think. Recommended reading for writers, and for anyone who loves fairytale retellings that absolutely add to the canon.

The Empress of Salt and Fortune

This novella was actually probably my favorite quarantine read, which is to say it was somehow the perfect thing to get me so far from our current timeline that I actually forgot I was in quarantine for a while. It is also absolutely gorgeous, which is a plus. A definite read for folks who love Chinese period dramas and court intrigue.

Paladin’s Grace

This book is set in the same world as Swordheart, which I quite enjoyed. My only complaint is that it was not in fact the sequel to Swordheart, which I wanted desperately, even though one of my favorite characters from that book makes an appearance. A great comfort read with a high body count and excellent romance.

Have you read anything excellent recently? Leave a comment and let me know what you’ve loved!

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