Reading Round-up September 2021

I’ve not been reading a lot because I’ve been writing and editing so much, and otherwise going on adventures. But here is my brief and belated list for the month of September!

Sword Stone Table

I’ve not been reading as many short stories as I’d like this year, largely because what time I spend in front of the computer has involved me making or polishing words, not consuming them. This anthology has been a blessing, a wonderful reimagining of a myth that was certainly formative for me as for many. The stories within come from all genres and backgrounds, some reading as romance, some as horror, some modern fantasy and some historical, and even a few science fiction tales. I definitely recommend this anthology for all the lovers of Arthurian-inspired works. (Anthology, Fantasy)

City of Brass/Kingdom of Copper by S.A. Chakraborty

I slammed through these two books after accidentally checking Kingdom of Copper out of the library thinking it was book one. Since the library is pretty far away I resolved to snag the ebook of City of Brass and read them both in one go. I’ve absolutely enjoyed both of these books, but Kingdom of Copper is probably the superior volume, unusual in a three book series. If you’ve ever been interested in djinn, court intrigue, or any Middle Eastern supernatural creatures, I definitely recommend these two books. I can’t wait to get my hands on book three. (Fantasy, Middle Eastern)

The Devil You Know by Kit Rocha

Veering into dystopian science fiction romance, which is a hard right turn from the previous two volumes, we have the next installment in the Mercenary Librarians series by Kit Rocha. One of the things I like about these books is how well they capture the logic of late-stage capitalism and oligarchy, taking some of the trends in our own times to their logical and terrifying conclusions while providing a lovely anarcho socialist response with lots of action and erotic moments. If any of that sounds like fun to you, go check this series out. (Science Fiction, Romance)

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