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I’ve been a little behind with things recently as I was dealing with a huge dayjob deadline at the beginning of May. It meant that I couldn’t work on writing for about two weeks, at all, and things got a little hectic. So I’m playing catch-up for the next couple of weeks, and then I’m off on a much-needed vacation for two weeks so I’ll be playing catch-up again once I get back!

On the personal front, I’ve been spending a lot of time planting flowers, what with it being spring and all. After a great battle of wills, I successfully planted a bunch of lovely peonies along the walkway. The S.O. hates most flowers, for whatever reason. He pretty much likes sunflowers, some colors of irises, black-eyed susans, and zinnias. Roses, which I love, and peonies, are right out. I don’t think he has to like everything I like, though, and I’m happy to plant flowers he likes, too. We therefore came to a compromise.

The peonies are a gift from my friend who grows flowers for a living. The flowers from our wedding came from his business, Flowers of the Sun, and I think that helped smooth the way. Plus they’re excellent landscaping once they get established, providing a lovely border along walkways. And I’ve agreed to allow the front porch to be surrounded by three types of sunflower.

I finally made it out on the trail a couple of weeks ago, too, mostly because I was going to go crazy if I didn’t. We did a healthy four mile hike. We all have a goal of doing a seven day hiking trip in August, but I am definitely not in shape to do 77 miles right now.

I also made it out to the local homemade ice cream place, where I got this amazing lavender honey ice cream that just blew my mind. There was also a coffee ice cream that tasted exactly the way fresh-brewed coffee smells, the way you want your coffee to taste before you become a coffee drinker (which I am admittedly not much of, on account of the caffeine).

It’s been a lovely spring, though we’re officially sliding into summer. All of my kale has bolted already.

Anyway, I’m expecting to do some more personal posts over the next two months since my energy will be elsewhere with the summer. On the writing front, which you’ll hear more about in the next week or two, I’m working on finishing up drafting my current WIP and doing research for revisions. I hope to have a few announcements about publication dates before too long, but I’ve got to finish some business end research first. I’ll talk more about that in my six month post.

Hope you’ve been enjoying the weather!

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