General housekeeping/hiatus

Hey folks!

It’s August, and August is my birthday month, so I’m taking some time off.

I’ve been pretty wiped out recently due to some wrestling with personal and dayjob stuff, plus it’s summer and summer is a rollercoaster for me. I suspect other people find that summer is a time that helps them rejuvenate. For me, summer is an absolute mess of juggling birthdays, holidays, and general expectations from family and friends. Plus it’s the optimal time of the year for vacations, hikes, gardening and other things that get me out from behind my desk. Often, that means writing falls way to the bottom of the list, whether I want it to or not.

Add to this summer that I’ve been struggling with a novel that I had intended to have drafted but which refuses to manifest itself into something coherent. I’ve been having similar issues with larger projects on the dayjob side of things, which indicates to me that I am probably just burned out. Taking time off has helped some with my stress management, but has not helped my productivity. All of my goals and deadlines have pretty much slid right past except for those associated with the Patreon.

I remind myself that it is certainly not that I’m slacking. I’m not. I’m still pushing stuff out despite scraping the bottom of the barrel for several months. But it feels that way when I can’t accomplish my goals.

All of which is to say that I am taking a brief blog hiatus in August as a gift to myself. This will give me a chance to catch up with content, hopefully. Look for more posts on the 23rd.

Enjoy the rest of your summer!

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