Two Spooky Halloween Reads

The Twisted Ones

Are you looking for a haunted house story? Do you like stories set in Appalachia? This may be the spooky fall read for you.

T. Kingfisher, aka Ursula Vernon, has won numerous awards for her adult fiction under her pseudonym. This is her first novel which has been branded as definitively horror, but all of her work has a certain amount of morbidness to it. Take The Seventh Wife, for example, a Bluebeard retelling that’s as dark as you can expect. The Twisted Ones is a contemporary fantasy that starts off mundane and gradually descends into madness. Plus, there’s a dog – and he lives! Get this book if you’re afraid of dolls, spirits, and hoarding.

The Ninth House

This book absolutely rocked my socks. Set on the campus of Yale, this is Leigh Bardugo’s adult fiction debut and it packs a wallop. One of my favorite things about this book is the central theme of how power protects itself – and the sometimes less-than-moral main character’s ability to see this as an outsider to the types of power that so often are at play in the real world. Really, the magic here is just a small fraction of the horror. Major trigger warnings for sexual assault, moments of grossness, and drug use.

For more spooky recommendations, check out my post on Horror and Hope, or this list of lovely Lovecraft Re-imaginings.

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