Pie Day 2019

Happy Thanksgiving, folks! This year I celebrated Thanksgiving with the S.O.’s family rather than my parents for the first time in a while. Usually we do two Thanksgiving’s with the S.O.’s extended family (which is incredibly large) and then actual Thanksgiving with my parents, but due to his work schedule things are a little wonky this year.

I’m also writing away to meet some deadlines I’ve set for myself, as tends to happen about this time of year. Thanksgiving comes at the absolute end of November this year, which means that I have only four weeks to try to wrap up my end of year goals and my surprise-goal additions. It’s been a little crazy. Plus I have work deadlines coming up, too, which means I am scrambling to keep up with everything.

This year I made this silky pumpkin pie and my favorite chocolate pie for the in-law’s pleasure, both from SmittenKitchen. I swear that she has the best recipes on the internet, without fail. I am never disappointed by Deb’s pies and desserts, so if you’re looking for recipe ideas look no further.

Anyway, enjoy these pie pictures and I hope that you all get to eat to your heart’s content!

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