Publishing Announcement: A Sinister Quartet

Hello, hello! For those of you who have been waiting a long time for something new, I’ve got good news! Coming June 9th, a new novella from yours truly!

Behind the walls of an invulnerable city ruled by angels, old movies provide balm for the soul and a plan to escape risks grisly retribution. A princess discovers a passage to a nightmarish world of deception and blood-sealed enchantment. A woman who has lost everything meets a man of great wealth and ominous secrets. In a town haunted by tragedy, malevolent supernatural entities converge, and the conflict that ensues unleashes chaos.

A Sinister Quartet gathers original long-form wonders and horrors composed in unusual keys, with a short novel by World Fantasy Award winner C. S. E. Cooney and a new novella from two-time World Fantasy Award finalist Mike Allen joined by debut novellas from rising talents Amanda J. McGee and Jessica P. Wick. All four offer immersions into strange, beautiful and frightening milieus.

You may remember when I posted about Viridian, my novella project I was releasing draft excerpts of on Patreon, a few months ago. I had intended to self-publish this project, with the goal of it coming out this spring. You probably have noticed that I took all the graphics and such I’d come up with down, if you’re paying attention, (which I’m not per se expecting is the case)! You may have wondered what was going on, or perhaps you never wondered at all!

Allow me to allay those (likely nonexistent) fears about the fate of my novella! Viridian does exist. It will exist, in fact, in print and ebook form, along with three other wonderful horror stories, in a collaborative project called A Sinister Quartet, brought to you by Mythic Delirium.

For those unfamiliar with Mythic Delirium, some notes. This is a micro-press owned and operated by Mike and Anita Allen (two excellent humans). They’re probably best known for their Clockwork Phoenix anthologies, but notably they published Bone Swans by C.S.E. Cooney, which won the World Fantasy Award in 2016! I am beyond excited to be part of A Sinister Quartet and in such illustrious company.

You can find out more information about this project on Mythic Delirium’s website (including preorder links!), and Viridian has a brief summary on the dedicated Black Roses Cycle page!

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