100 Listens on POP FIZZ

Happy 4th of July, belatedly. I hope you all indulged in some civic pride and educated yourself, attended a protest, or otherwise got your democracy on.

4th of July weekend is a great weekend for me generally and I spent this one paddling around, hanging out with family, and having a good time. If this year’s festivities were somewhat dampened (masks were worn and friends were absent for distancing reasons) they were nonetheless joyful. I’ve also been reading a couple of lovely nonfiction reads about the history of race in the US and trying to work on that self-education. All in all it was a full weekend.

Plus, I have another fun thing to celebrate this week! We’ve reached 100 listens on POP FIZZ, which is our nascent podcast (launched March 1st). I’ve been a bit bumpy about meeting our upload timelines with everything going on (the book launch in June included) but I’m very proud of us for getting to this point!

If you haven’t checked out POP FIZZ, my podcast effort with local theater nerd and voracious reader Jane Ostec, our current episode list is linked below. Come join in the fun!

  1. From 70s Feuds to Pride and Prejudice
  2. From Emoticons to Snow Queens
  3. From Furious Feminisms to a World of Horror
  4. Comfort Food
    1. Part 1: Spotify; iTunes
    2. Part 2: Spotify; iTunes

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