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Hello all, it’s time for a general state of the author post, brought to you by myself, the author, who is a flop.

I was very caught up in dayjob stuff for the month of September, which put me in the position of having not a lot of energy for anything else. The seasons are changing already, and cool weather is settling in. It’s October, which normally would be a great month for spooky things and ghosties and pumpkins, but I’m so exhausted I am not feeling particularly festive. I did put up most of my decorations, at least, and I’ve contemplated trying to pull together some special content for Halloween. Still thinking about it, and will provide updates if I get that together!

In sad news, I am pulling the plug on POP FIZZ, which made it through six months and was a lot of fun. I’ll be reworking some of my contributions for this podcast into blogposts over the next few months, because I think you’ll enjoy some of the pieces and analysis I did, but I decided that I couldn’t keep up with the time commitment of editing the podcast at this time and also keep making new words. This doesn’t mean there won’t be future projects like this, but this one is going to be archived.

I’ve been very good at making new words over the past two months, and I’d like to keep up that momentum, so that’s the positive side of this decision. I’ve got a new WIP to work on, and two editing projects in the wings, plus a few other drafting things I’ve been scribbling on as inspiration strikes. I’m plenty busy, and want to get to a place where I have more stuff to query and sell (which has the advantage of being more stuff you can read).

If you haven’t watched my reading of “At Love’s Heart” on The Story Hour, go ahead and check that out. I think it turned out pretty well! If you feel like supporting this effort, I’d love for you to make a donation to the ACLU. We need them.

Also, A Sinister Quartet will be on sale throughout the month of October in honor of Halloween! So if you, like me, need some escapism in your life, you can get one novel and three novellas for only 99 cents, which is honestly a steal. Go out and get the book!

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