Checking in with the writer

I said I wasn’t going to do a post this week, since I’m on vacation, and this isn’t one really. It’s just I realized I hadn’t done a personal post on here in a while. So I thought I’d take a minute to check in!

2021 got off to a rocky start, no surprise, but all is not doom and gloom here in the writerverse despite my general silence. It’s only that I’ve been chipping away at edits and my new WIP with about equal fervor and that’s taking up a lot of my extra energy. I really love the WIP especially — it’s one of those projects I really can’t wait to talk about (though if you’re on my Patreon you’ve already heard about some of it). Revisions on White Wedding have (no surprise) taken longer than I thought — I’d planned to be done with them by March but, well, I’ll be lucky to finish by April and I’m just resigned to that fact.

In other news, daffodils are coming up and spring is well on its way. The cats are still cute. Hiking is fun even in the snow. (We got poles this past summer and it’s a lifesaver on rough terrain. Plus it really helps my joints with long distance hikes.) Books are Very Good (you’ll notice I’ve been reading a lot of them) and I’ve even caught up with some anime and movies in the past couple of months, which is a Big Deal. I basically stopped watching movies in 2020 — don’t ask me why, except that the emotional investment just seemed too big. It’s been nice to see some new things recently.

So yeah, life continues apace. We are probably going to be doing some big house projects and significant traveling in the next several months and while I’m very excited about that I am sort of intimidated as well. It’s all good stuff but of course logistics, you know? Hopefully I get to spend some time lounging in the sunshine, too. And I can get back in shape — I’ve really been pretty sedentary this winter, more than usual. I’ll be excited to be able to get outside and move around more freely.

Anyway, I hope you all take a minute to rest this week, and next week we’ll be back to your regularly scheduled programming!

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