Happy New Year!

It’s a new year, and we’ve got some fun things to look forward to this year! So, in keeping with tradition, here are my goals, plans, and hopes for 2023!

So let’s start with the definite stuff. I’ve got a grant with the City of Roanoke’s Year of the Artist program to execute! You can read all about that in my announcement post, and more details of Marquee in Verse will be rolling out in the next couple of months. I’m really excited!

For those folks who aren’t local, I’ve got a personal goal of trying to whittle away at my TBR this year and you can help! Thanks to the Fable app, anyone can do a virtual book club/group read, so I’m coordinating a read-along for one book a month. This is going to be incredibly casual, but if you want to chat about a book please subscribe and pop in! The club is called McGee’s Reads, so if you’re interested please sign up. If enough people love it we might go into 2024!

Right, now what about goals that are not quite as set in stone? I’m going to be working to get White Wedding polished up and decide on its path forward. I also have a goal of getting a few of my short stories polished up. Getting back on the submission train is obviously a need, and I’ve more queries to send out on TFK. Plus I’m still continuing my Creation Saga re-read with the goal of drafting the third book, working on my new WIP, and I’ve got Alabaster hanging out there in the ether waiting for me to figure that out….So yeah, plenty to keep me occupied! There is never any shortage of ideas in this noggin. Anything I accomplish on any of these fronts is going to be wonderful and awesome.

Which brings me to my last goal, or possibly a hope, for this year. I hope that going into 2023 I can be more positive about my writing accomplishments and my life in general, and recognize what an absolute boss I’ve been. Are there things I could have done better, or wish I had done differently? Absolutely, but who doesn’t have things like that? The important part is that I have kept going for all these years, holding this artform I love close to my heart.

It’s a new year! Let’s do this.


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