Moving times!

Guess what? We are moving!

As of Thursday we have closed on a house and we will be working towards repairs and then moving all next week. It has been a wild month trying to make this happen, and I am so ready for it to be somewhat like over. So ready.

Honestly the prospect of moving into a house is kind of intimidating. Not because of the mortgage or the upkeep, though those are their own issues. It’s the idea of all the space. This house is not that big, a little 1500 square foot Craftsman, but it has a half basement and a yard and a porch – two porches, actually – and 1500 square feet is a lot of footage when you’ve been living in an apartment for a long time. We’ve been at our current place for five years, in fact, and we’ve quite settled in. So 90% of my time this week has been packing.

Ugh, packing. Packing is the worst.

Of course, my writer brain keeps telling me about all of the possibilities for BAD THINGS to happen. I worry about my cats, mostly, who have only ever lived at their birth home and this apartment. We need to make appointments to get them outdoor vaccinations in case they get out (not that I think that will be an issue for a couple of weeks while they get settled and explore) since we don’t have a stairwell for them to get trapped in when they make their weekly dastardly escapes. And I can’t find their cat carrier, which is a huge pain – I have no clue where it could have gone, either, since it’s pretty damn large, but I guess I’m going to have to buy a new one like tomorrow.

Also we don’t have a lot of the furniture we’ll need in this new space – stools for the bar, a spare bed, a couch, that sort of thing – so that will be a weird transition into half-furnished space. We’ll get there eventually, of course.

Anyway, given all of this I’m taking a brief writing hiatus, which is to say I’m not requiring myself to write, just doing it if I feel like it. I’m planning on reading and/or re-reading some high fantasy and epic fantasy books to get a better handle on my roadblock in DoM, which is a thing that I am acknowledging, and likely has to do with being totally slammed at work and stressed from packing and trying to move more than anything. Also possibly with being annoyed with the corner I’ve written myself into, but that’s just a matter of being inventive and doing the work. I don’t think it would be so much a problem if it weren’t for everything else going on.

When I get the house to where it’s a good photo opportunity I will share some pictures. Until then, see you next week!


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