Checking in with the writer

It is May and spring is here!

I usually do a half-year check-in and I am probably still going to do that to speak directly towards my 2021 goals, which I’m pretty sure I probably had. I usually do? Anyway, this post is not that. This post is just a regular old check-in about life. Which is fabulously interesting right now.

Longtime readers know that I have a dayjob, and it’s a job that I do find quite fascinating. But I’m taking a break from the dayjob to do some traveling this summer/fall, dates to be determined. It’s going to be a long bit of travel and I’m really excited to go on this adventure. I’m hoping it will give me some great fodder for some projects I’ve been noodling on creatively (and in the dayjob, too).

So that’s taking up a lot of my extra time and energy at the moment. A lot of planning goes into a long trip like this, and the normal pressures of life continue apace. My spare moments are largely spent getting rid of possessions and reorganizing possessions and calculating budgets — the fun stuff you have to do as an adult. The S.O., who is the impetus behind this adventure, is also doing his share of work, but it’s mostly on the administrative end of things at the moment.

While we’re traveling I’ll also be writing pretty much full-time, which I’m really excited about. I’ve had brief interludes in my life where this was possible and I tend to really knock out some projects, so we’ll see what that leads to in the future.

In the interim, I’m working on gardening. We’ve planted two new apple trees this year, improved and expanded our strawberry bed, and added lingonberries and goumi berries into our landscaping. This on top of the blueberries, elderberries, honeyberries, serviceberry and peach tree already in place. Not sure how many of those will actually produce anything anytime soon, besides the elderberries, but it’s exciting nonetheless. For annuals we plan on doing tomatoes and hot peppers this year in addition to our spring veggies that I have been very much neglecting. And we always do a ton of flowers and herbs. Also my brother is getting married? So planning for that is happening in the background, though I’m mercifully spared from a lot of it.

So things are moving and shaking as it were, and writing is definitely happening in between. That’s probably a separate post though. In the interim, some flowers!

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